The main goal of our courses is to help students develop  the four  skills:  listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese (for foreigners).

Our main aim is to promote meaningful communication through everyday life situations, encouraging students to use a variety of structures and vocabulary.

English Courses offered at Centro Britânico:

  • Regular Courses 
  • Semi Intensive Courses
  • Intensive Courses
  • Holiday Courses
  • ESP Courses
  • In School Courses
  • In Company Courses



We offer courses to different age groups - from young learners aged three to teenagers, and adults as well as senior people.



  • HELLO BRAZIL!: a course whose main goal is to teach basic communication skills so that the students can communicate with foreigners in the target language.
  • GOLDEN  YEARS :  a course focused on language teaching to senior people.
  • ONE  TO  ONE :   a  tailor-made course to cater to the student´s needs.


The courses at Centro Britanico aim at providing students with plenty of practice so that they can communicate with people from all over the world.

Language learning at Centro Britanico is an effective, pleasant and lasting experience, and its acquisition becomes natural due to the variety of didactic materials adopted, which are suitable to the different age groups.



We have exclusive coursebooks and materials for the English courses, developed in partnership with one of the most outstanding international publishers.



Each student is unique and special to us. 

We personalise our teaching in order to cater for learners´ needs and expectations and help them develop either in small groups or individually.


Centro Britânico prepare for Cambridge Assessment English, and due to our high quality of teaching and learning, we have a very high passing rate for the international exams - around 90%.

When our students get their international certification, it is an outcome and recognition of Centro Britânico’s competence.

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  • Pre-A1 Starters
  • A1 Movers
  • A2 Key
  • B1 Preliminary
  • B2 First
  • C1 Advanced
  • C2 Proficiency



Centro Britânico was set up in 1969 and our mission is to teach languages in a consistent and efficient way.

Our concern is to frequently update the methodological approach and infra-structure in order to meet the demands of the local market.

For more than 50 years now, Centro Britânico has helped to make students’ dream of acquiring a proficiency level in foreign languages come true.    

Preparation Centre of Cambridge English Exams.

Since 2008 Centro Britânico has been operating under the franchise system, prednisone and nowadays it has a chain of more than 30 schools located in different regions of Brazil including São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná and Rio de Janeiro, where English, Spanish, German, Italian and French are taught.



To teach languages in an efficient and modern way,   frequently updating the methodological approach, the training system and infra-structure, in order to meet the demands of the market and offer our clients careful and highly personalized customer service.



To respect our clients´ needs in order to fulfil their expectations, as they are the reason of our existence.